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Our Milos roof systems on self-climbing towers are impressive structures with additional safety features not found in other locally available systems. The bespoke designs use extra strong quad (box) trussing across the four arc sections boasting a uniformly distributed load capacity of up to 2000 kg.

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Prices shown are ex. VAT.

Large Arc
Roof Stage - £2000

10 x 8m Covered Stage

Package Includes:

  • 32' x 26' Milos Self-Climbing Roof
  • Black & Silver PVC Canopy & Mesh Side Walls
  • 9.6m x 8.4m Performance Area
  • 1 Set of Treads
  • Build/Break Crew: £1800
  • Trucking: £900*
  • TOTAL: £4800**

Thumb for 10m Construction.jpg (244 KB)Thumb for 10m Stage.jpg (656 KB)Thumb for Large Arc Roof Full Production Streets.jpg (758 KB)Thumb for Large Arc Roof Full Production.jpg (436 KB)Thumb for Large Arc Roof.jpg (778 KB)Thumb for Large Arc Roof2.jpg (864 KB)Thumb for Leeds Festival Relentless Stage.jpg (3373 KB)Thumb for Nibley Festival 2012.jpg (372 KB)Thumb for Party on The Pitch.jpg (163 KB)Thumb for Relentless Stage Boardmasters.jpg (803 KB)

Medium Arc
Roof Stage - £1500

8m x 6m Covered Stage

Package Includes:

  • 26' x 20' Milos Self-Climbing Roof
  • Black & Silver PVC Canopy & Side Walls
  • 7.2m x 6m Performance Area
  • 1 Set of Treads
  • Build/Break Crew: £1400
  • Trucking: £700*
  • TOTAL: £3600**

Thumb for Igoe Lab Stage Brisfest 2010.jpg (191 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Backline.jpg (135 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Full Production.jpg (2311 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Production.jpg (519 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Roof Skeletal.jpg (89 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Roof.jpg (852 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Roof2.jpg (897 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Roof3.jpg (759 KB) Thumb for Medium Arc Roof4.jpg (1325 KB) Thumb for NRFC Beach Volley Ball Party.jpg (951 KB) Thumb for Winterwell2012.jpg (628 KB) Thumb for WinterWellFestival2012.jpg (709 KB)

Small Arc
Roof Stage - £1000

6m x 5m Covered Stage

Package Includes:

  • 20' x 17.5' Milos Self-Climbing Roof
  • Black & Silver PVC Canopy & Side Walls
  • 6m x 4.8m Performance Area
  • 1 Set of Treads
  • Build/Break Crew: £1000
  • Trucking: £400*
  • TOTAL: £2400**

Thumb for Small Arc Live Band.jpg (391 KB) Thumb for Small Arc Roof Band.jpg (348 KB) Thumb for Small Arc Roof Durham.jpg (363 KB) Thumb for Small Arc Roof Skeletal.jpg (1933 KB) Thumb for Small Arc Roof.jpg (732 KB) Thumb for Small Arc Stage.jpg (682 KB)

Medium Arc <br/>Roof Stage

Small Gable
Roof Stage - £500

5.8 x 4m Covered Stage

Package Includes:

  • 19' x 12' Milos Roof System
  • Black & Silver PVC Canopy & Side Walls
  • 4.8m x 3.6m Performance Area
  • 1 Set of Treads
  • Build/Break Crew: £600
  • Trucking: £200*
  • TOTAL: £1300**

Thumb for Igoe mini stage.jpg (124 KB) Thumb for Igoe mini stage1.jpg (93 KB) Thumb for Mini Gabe Stage1.jpg (499 KB) Thumb for Mini Gable Jubilee.jpg (732 KB) Thumb for Mini Gable Stage Jubilee.jpg (655 KB)

** Outdoor stages must be anchored for safety reasons. Up to 1 ton of ballast may be required for each stage leg. On grass we use ground anchor screws if the land owner permits it, on concrete or unsuitable ground we use water tanks that require tap(s) for filling on-site, additional charges may apply.
* Additional delivery charges may apply.
Prices exclude VAT.

Health & Safety

As with any service provided to the entertainments industry; health and safety are paramount. Outdoor concert stages can become extremely dangerous in adverse weather conditions. Igoe employees adhere to strict guidelines as set out in the Institution of Structural Engineers' Guidance Document for Temporary Demountable Structures.

All our outdoor roof systems come with a full structural report. Provision of adequate ballast and wind bracing are key requirements within our method statement and risk assessments which we follow at all times.

Complete Service

Whether you just need a few Litedecks for an indoor platform / catwalk etc, a mini stage for a road show / event or a large scale festival stage complete with sound, lighting and crew; we can supply everything you need, in house, at very competitive rates.

Call us anytime to discuss on 0845 625 5555


We are Bristol's biggest stockist of the industry standard 'Litedeck' aluminium stage deck system.

Dry hire price list:

4ft x 8ft Litedeck : £18 (£35 including delivery, set-up and collection*)
4ft x 4ft Litedeck : £15
2ft x 8ft Litedeck : £15


Milos Truss from £10 per Meter
We hold a comprehensive stock of junctions, T sections 3/4 way corners,
90 degree bends and other bespoke components.

Pit Barrier

Lite Structures Lite-Barrier (Pit / Mojo Barrier) : £22.50 per meter
We also supply treads, handrails, ramps, carpeting, valance, backdrops / flats.
*Delivery charge varies by mileage and volume - call for an accurate quotation.

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Outdoor Stage Hire

Event stage roof systems built from aluminium truss with a PVC canopy are the modern outdoor staging solution. Light weight and aesthetically pleasing they serve to protect performers and fragile equipment from the weather whilst providing an ideal structure for hanging lighting fixtures and flying point source or line array sound systems.

Trailer systems

The cheapest event stage hire solution is to use a curtain sided lorry, simply park up and draw back the curtain on one side.

There are some cleverly fabricated outdoor staging designs on the market that transform from a normal lorry into an attractive looking structure with trussing built in. These make the ideal outdoor stage hire for Xmas lights switch on etc. or any event requiring a quick build time.

The legendary Orbit festival stage design by Serious Structures now also comes on a trailer; known as the M-Orbit or Morbit concert stage. It begins as an open trailer stacked full of metal with a crane at each end. The stage literally builds itself, resembling a huge mechanised crab! The crane arms can then be swung out to fly the pa arrays - inspired!

Truss roof systems


Concert stage

Outdoor concert stage roof systems built with truss are manufactured by companies such as Prolyte, Milos, Lite structures, Litec, Tomcat, Eurotruss, Total Fabrications, Slick, Camco, Trilite and others. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some use a flat sloping roof or a gable / pitched roof design whilst others use a curved, arched or quarter sphere stage roof design like the Orbit event stage. The stage base is usually made from steel (steeldeck) or aluminium (alideck) covered with plywood board.

If you have a healthy budget for outdoor stage hire then an Orbit festival stage will look best, but they are expensive and can take several days to build with a large crew. Our systems go up in under four hours and can be supplied at a fraction of the cost.

Self Climbing Towers

Another advantage we offer is that our outdoor staging systems utilise self climbing towers. Lighting companies, riggers and lampies in general love this because lighting can be rigged onto the roof at ground level and then winched up to the desired height.


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