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We offer a complete event service and specialise in visually stunning venue dressing and theming tailored around your function. Here are some popular ideas:

Fairy Light Backdrop: from £10 per square metre

Event Production & Lighting

Using base plates and poles we create a frame onto which we hang white LED curtains finished with luxurious organza drapery; a popular effect for weddings.


Star Cloth: from £10 per square metre

Event Lighting Hire

We create a frame onto which we hang black drapes covered in hundreds of white and blue LEDs. We can also hang star cloth ceilings. Star cloth can be made to “twinkle” using a controller.

Nightclub Style Disco Packages: from £60

Nightclub Disco

Using a length of lighting truss we mount moving mirror profile scanners that work in sync with each other, scanning shapes and colours around the dance floor, walls and ceiling. We also use moonflower effects that project many beams, covering the dance floor in rotating shapes of different colours.


Mirror Ball Packages: from £75

Mirror Ball

A wedding classic – mirror balls look stunning. To create the best effect the ball needs to be lit using a profile spot. These fixtures can produce a narrow beam that can be aimed directly onto the ball with no residual wash. The entire space is then transformed with thousands of gradually rotating shards of light.

Custom Gobo Creation / Projection: from £75

Custom Gobo Creation

We can create bespoke metal or glass gobos which can be used to project a static or moving image of a company logo, a personal message or design.


LED Up-lighters: £6 / Battens: £12

LED Up-Lighters / Battens

Simple up-lighters or battens can be installed around the space in your choice of colour.

Dance Floor: £11 per square metre

Dance Floor

We can supply modular dance flooring in parquet and black & white.


Event Extras

200 mw Red / Green Laser: £60 Ultra Violet Cannons: £20 each
Strobe Lighting: from £20 Bubble Machine: £55
Snow Machine: £55 Fake Flame Machine: £40

We can also design and create anything you require in our set-building workshop.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Colourwash Floodlights: £20 each

Outdoor Colourwash Floodlights

Waterproof (ip65 rated) floods with coloured bulbs to pick out architectural features, attractive trees and interesting parts of the buildings or gardens.

Festoon Lighting: £0.50p per metre

Festoon Lighting

Consisting of lengths of cable with a domestic size bulb every 2 metres; great for lighting walkways or tracing natural borders.

Gas Flambeaux: £85 each

Gas Flambeaux

Gas powered flambeaux create a spectacular gothic style entrance way.


Red Carpet: £8 per square metre

Red Carpet

Plush red carpeting for award ceremonies, movie premieres and other VIP events.

Searchlights / Sky Roses : from £200 each


Spectacular sky scanning searchlights or sky roses, visible for over 10 miles.



Stage Platforms: £18 per deck dry hire (£35 inc. Delivery, Set-up & Collection*)

Stage Platforms

We can build stages, platforms and catwalks of any size and height with carpet and valance in your preferred colours.


Staging generally comes in 1.2m x 2.4m aluminium decks (4′ x 8′) which lock together to form any shape.


These are supported on legs of the required height
(generally 1′, 2′, or 3′)

Outdoor Stages: from £750

Outdoor Stages



We stock a comprehensive range of sound equipment to support any event.

Live Sound

We can provide facilities to dock an iPod or laptop… …or supply any of the most popular DJ equipment.

DJ Equipment


Live sound is one of our key strengths.

We hold an exhaustive stock of microphones, mixing desks and outboard equipment.

With an in-depth knowledge of the local music scene, we can even recommend bands from every genre and help you pick out the one that’s ‘just right’.

Live Band

Our team of friendly, experienced engineers and crew ensure every event is a brilliant success.


0845 625 5555


* Delivery more than 5 miles outside of Bristol is charged at £0.50 per mile each way.

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