Why It’s a Brilliant Idea to Hire a PA System

Fewer things are more frustrating than attending a wedding and being unable to hear everything from the vows being exchanged to the speeches being made. Indeed you don’t want to go so far as to interrupt the ceremony and get the attention of the bride and groom, who are apparently oblivious that their eloquent and personalized promises are completely inaudible.

However, you do find yourself asking the person next to you whether she can hear any better than you can. Having received confirmation that you will not have to make an appointment with the audiologist in the morning, you decide to take out your knitting and complete the sweater you started yesterday.

However, several others are now asking his or her neighbour the question, “Am I deaf or are they whispering?” Within minutes this is causing a bit of a “buzz”, as the guests who have come to witness the wedding, unable to hear the bridal couple or officiant, are now louder than the ceremony they came to be a part of.

This sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Sadly, this is what happens when the happy couple have either overlooked or in an effort to save money, omitted the hiring of a PA system. This is a rather unfortunate but realistic consequence of what happens when this important detail is left off the planning list.

Think of how often you have been to an outdoor event or a service at your Church, Synagogue or Mosque and been unable to hear the religious leader giving his or her sermon. How are you supposed to nod in agreement, follow the wisdom and comment on it later if you have no idea what was said? Did you go to someone, anyone, and suggest they buy a PA system?

If you have any hope of your loved ones hearing and understanding the vows it took you months to write, and you can’t confirm the acoustics of your venue, it’s best to just hire a PA system.

This is neither costly nor difficult to set up. In fact, they’re so easy to assemble, that one no longer needs to be an audio engineer to do so.

Spare your family and friends the call to their doctor to set an appointment for a hearing test. They’ll appreciate it and hey, you just may find many guests complimenting the lovely prose you composed.

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