Wedding Sound System and Lights


We provided our premier wedding package for a reception in Stroud. 


This was a meaty 4 kW sound system with lots of bottom end. 2 x 1200 watt full range dual 15″ cabinets on top of 18″ sub reflex boxes – all powered by Crown. It was a big wedding with over 200 guests so they wanted a pa system that would do the job properly.

We also included dj equipment in the form of Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3, Technics record decks and a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer. 

For lighting we put together a 3 meter truss and hung a pair of Abstract Twisters, a pair of Abstract VR-8 scans and a pair of Abstract VRX glasiators.

We also included a radio microphone for speeches, and facilities to plug in an iPod or laptop.

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