Wedding Sound & Lighting Hire, Elmgrove Centre

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides a complete disco PA system hire with a full disco lighting rig for a wedding party held at the Elmgrove centre, Redland Bristol.

Diary 12/05/07

We rigged up the PA system during the afternoon using 2 double 15 cabs with Fane drivers – we supplied 2.7 K of continuous power with a CS 4000 Amp.

For disco lights we set up a 3 meter truss and hung 2 VRX Gladiators, 2 NJD DMX 250 and a NJD Datamoon in the middle.

When we arrived to break down the system at 01:00 as requested, the party was still at full tilt – the client was having so much fun that they actually paid extra for us to go away and come back later to collect. Dan and I had to kill an hour or so until the party ended in the wee small hours !

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