Wedding PA Sound and Disco Lights


Igoe PA hire provides sound, lighting and DJ equipment for a wedding at the sumptious Hartham Park manor near Corsham.

We supplied a 6.7 kW rig which was vastly over sized for the room but looked great. Two 2000 watt HZ subs and two custom 1200 watt full range towers stacked up either side of the DJ booth.

For the DJ’s we supplied a pair of Technics 1210 decks and a pair of Pioneer CDJ 100’s. The mixer was the industry standard Pioneer DJM600 with built in effects.

For lights we put up a length of truss and hung 4 NJD datamoons and 2 Chauvet Insignia Barrel scans.

All this went in the grand hallway of Hartham Park. I’m sure they had a great party.

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