Wedding Entertainment

Quite frankly, part of the draw for many people to attend your wedding will be the entertainment you provide them. While it’s true that guests love hearing people exchange vows and promise to love and honour from this day forward, that’s a small part of the day. Given that ceremonies tend to last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, and the reception can last into the wee hours, providing fun is very important.

Part of ensuring that everyone will have a great time, which they’ll be talking about around the cooler the following Monday, is up to you. Even if your wedding is going to be traditional in nature, meaning that you’re following the customs of your culture, you can still make it pop and stand out.

A Band or a DJ?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The question really is, who is more exciting, the bandleader or the DJ whom you’re considering? If the band and the singer think they’ve been hired just to perform the latest “top 40 hits” without regard for being witty or leading the day’s events, forget it! You’d be better served paying your 4-year old nephew a lifetime supply of lollipops and letting him emcee.

A band, and its leader are supposed to be as funny and fun as they are musically inclined. Before hiring one, ask for references and query them closely about their “wow” factor. If clients say, “Well, apart from the music they played, which was fun and relevant, they were boring”, you’ll want to reconsider your nephew’s virtues.

If however, if people rave and say, “They were fantastic! Everybody was dancing and when they weren’t, they were laughing or running to the singer to suggest songs”, well, now you’ve got a band who can give your nephew a run for his lollipops.

When weighing the decision to hire a DJ, the criteria ought to be the same. Can he or she keep your guests “pumped” and running to the dance floor or glued to their seats? The personality of a DJ can run from monotone and ho hum to one you swear you’ve heard in your favourite comedy club.

Unless you’re hiring a wedding planner who will have a “script” to follow essentially, your DJ should be able to perform the same job. He will have spun records at many a wedding and be able to, with eyes closed and hands tied behind his back, direct the order of events.

If getting people to sit around the cooler and talk about your wedding and use words like, “fun”, “great music”, “exciting”, “the best wedding I’ve been to in years”, providing the right wedding entertainment will “score” you big points!

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