Wedding Entertainment – Go From Bust to Wow!

How often have you been to a wedding and sat glued to your seat? Maybe it was the music that was boring, the DJ’s inability to get people excited or the bandleader continually hit a sour note with his cheap lounge act. Perhaps one of the worst things, next to having a stray drunk relative in attendance, is entertainment that makes guests wish they’d stayed home.

There are some simple ways to avoid people using your wedding as a punch line to a very bad joke. If your goal is to ensure people have fun, dance a lot and talk about you with a big smile on their faces, fire the “lounge lizard” and hire a real band.

A dazzling band worth its weight in gold will have a huge repertoire from which to choose. Meet with a few them and hear samples of their music and also get a sense of the singer’s personality. If her delivery with jokes is well timed and makes you laugh, this is a band that will be able to provide a lot of fun. They can perhaps perform everything from the latest pop to the hottest groove-infused dance hall music to the 70s disco you remember hearing as a kid, but if they’re boring doing it, what’s the point?

Two things should help you make up your mind when considering between two or three bands. How busy is the band? If the band is booked solid every weekend and they’re waitlisted, just in case the couple cancels, this is a great sign. If they’re attending ping-pong tournaments every weekend, instead, you might wish to look elsewhere.

Ask if you can attend one or two of their weddings. Provided the bride and groom have no problem with the band’s “audition”, assuming you stand off to the side, and promise not to mingle, you can make up your mind within half an hour, once the music gets going. Then you can slip out the back, unless the bride asks you to stay and have a good time.

Once you’ve determined which band you want to hire, be sure to be specific about the songs you want to hear. By all means, if you aren’t as savvy about today’s hits but know more about the “latest” from Beethoven, you might wish to enlist your cousin, brother or best friend for his or her assistance during this process.

If it’s not already obvious, providing entertainment that’s well, not entertaining, is worse than not providing any at all.

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