Types of Equipment Needed For Music Festivals

Sound and lighting are the hallmark of a great music festival. If you are in the music festivals business you will require these equipment. But the show is not all about lighting and sound, here are some of other things that you will need to have.

A Stage / Venue

The first thing you need to do is to choose a stage for your music festival. The ideal stage is determined mostly by the size of the venue. Check the height, width and length of the stage before hiring, so that you will be sure it can fit the venue and the rest of the performance equipment like instruments, lights and so on.

Lighting Equipment

Music festivals will definitely need amazing light displays both for the bands performing and the audience. You may need a lighting rig or trussing that will give your festival a professional feel to it, as well as a backdrop that keeps the light out of the back stage for the performers and organizers to prepare. The music festival hiring company you choose should have different packages suited for different types of festivals.

Sound System

The size of the event will dictate the sound system you choose for the festival. You should consider the venue, the expected turnout and the type of music played at the festival when choosing a sound system. You should ensure that the best sound is provided to make the festival experience even better, so select the best quality speakers, microphones and amplifiers for hire.

Laser Show Equipment

The ideal music festival comes with a laser show, which makes the event more memorable. Getting laser show equipment is quite cost effective, so you should always look for it as part of your music festival package hire. You can always ask about how the equipment works and the colors you can get for the lasers. Make your event special by including a laser show.


One more thing to add to your music festival is inflatable gear for the show. You can get all kinds of shapes and colors of inflatables to set up on stage and even throw into the audience during the show. These are very easy to use and make the festival more exciting.
Choose a hiring company that specializes in setting up music festivals to get great deals and ideas for your event.

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