Three Reasons to Hire a Stage for Your Wedding

Have your fiancé and you decided to have an outdoor wedding rather than one in an all-inclusive banquet hall? Indeed, weather permitting, this is a lovely way to express your personalities as you commit to becoming partners for life.

When considering this option, depending how rustic your chosen venue is, you’ll indeed want to consider hiring a stage for your big day.

Floors Aren’t Just For Dancing

Although many people hire a stage to serve as their dance floor, there are many uses for one. Perhaps the two of you have chosen your parents’ estate to get married. Beautiful as this may be, you don’t want to hold your ceremony whilst standing on the lawn.

This is impractical for several reasons. It can be uncomfortable when standing in a pair of 2-3” heels on grass, which can by nature be uneven. You are creating a potentially hazardous situation as you could lose your balance just as you are about to say, “I do”. If said shoes can sink into the ground, even if you manage to avoid harming yourself, your groom and maid of honour, your shoes will have grass stains that will be impossible to launder.

If your ceremony is small enough or if you’ve hired a stage that’s quite large, you can spare your guests the embarrassment of creating the same blunder you wish to avoid, by putting their seats on the stage during your ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, because you have had the forethought to hire a few coordinators to now arrange the chairs around tables for people to eat their meal on, your stage has gone from being part of the theme to now part of the dining room.

As David Bowie Said, “Let’s Dance!”

Once your best man, father-of-the-bride and slightly tipsy uncle have all toasted the newly married couple with speeches that you wished you’d prepared in advance, your coordinators can now move the tables and chairs and make room for the real party. Now having joined your uncle in forgetting the words of his unintelligible send off, get out the ballet slippers your feet have been begging to slide into all day and kick up your heels!

As you can see, hiring a stage can serve many purposes and turn your outdoor ceremony into a party you’ll remember for years to come – uncle not withstanding, of course!

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