Things to Consider As You Speaker Hire

Things to Consider As You Speaker Hire

Speakers are an essential part of any sound system, and you may need to hire them separately to complete your sound equipment collection. There are different kinds of speakers for hire which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Active speakers, Advantages and Disadvantages

The first type of speaker is active speakers, which refer to those which have built-in amplifiers. These speakers are quite pricey for hire because they are usually of the latest technology and brands. Active speakers have several benefits.

You will have less speaker cables to deal with because the amp is built in, so setting up is a bit easier. Another advantage is that the speaker and amp are from the same manufacturer, which matches the quality of the sound. There is less work needed to use active speakers because all you need to know is the frequency that the speakers can handle.

Active speakers have a few demerits, one of which is that they are heavier than other types of speakers. The inbuilt amplifier makes the speaker bulky, and you will need to take special care when transporting and mounting them.

Passive speakers, Advantages and Disadvantages

The other type of speaker available for hire is passive speakers. These do not have the amplifier built in, so you will need to include the amp in the hiring package. Passive speakers are cheaper to hire as compared to active speakers.

Since the speaker and amp are separate, passive speakers are lighter to handle. They are also more flexible because you do not need an amp for every speaker, which gives you more room to alter the speaker arrangements.

However, this is also a great disadvantage because you will need to look for matching amplifiers for your speakers. You need to find amps from the same manufacturer, RMS rating and power output. This requires you to have more extensive knowledge about speakers, amps and manufacturers in order to get the right combination.

These are the basic types of speakers that you will encounter when looking to hire. Different manufacturers will provide their own unique features, and the more high-tech the speakers are, the more expensive they will be to hire. Keep these tips in mind as you choose speakers for hire.

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