Test System for Gatecrasher Club Bristol


This was an unusual one!

The sports Bar (Ritzy 🙂 if your old enough) on Baldwin street had recently closed down and the Gatecrasher chain were looking into buying the premises to create one of their clubs for Bristol.

They were running some tests to check the existing sound proofing and to measure how loud a potential PA system would sound in neighbouring flats. We were asked to bring a 10K rig and run pink noise at extreme levels.

The place was a tip and had obviously not been cleaned since the last night it was used as the sports bar. There was rubbish strewn around, tables not cleared and optics half full of spirits and glasses hanging behind the bar.

We set up the rig as requested in the middle of the day and switched on the pink noise. Pink noise is like a static roar and is used to test pa systems as it is effectively the entire frequency range all at once. As we edged beyond 100 db and then approached 105! which is just deafening! we heard a second roaring noise from the bar – incredibly about 100 hanging wine glasses all shattered simultaneously showering a wide area in millions of shards of glass! I have never seen anything like it – I wish I had it on camera.

Gatecrasher never did take the place on - apparently the required sound proofing would have been far too expensive to install – it was obviously way too loud in neighbouring flats!

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