Stage Hire

Planning a wedding is no small feat is it? There are so many details, both large and small, to consider before the two of you can say, “I do” before all of your friends and family.

Having now resolved the bigger planning issues with respect to your upcoming nuptials, including the venue, the food, the entertainment, your dress, the dresses of the bridesmaids and your wedding theme, you can now safely begin concentrating your efforts on some of the smaller but equally important details.

For several reasons, one item you won’t want to leave off the list is a stage. Whether your intention is to have a theme wedding – for example a fusion of both your fiancé and your cultures or religions – or you just want to “dance till the break of dawn”, a stage will convey both class and prevent you from ruining your new bridal shoes.

Hiring a stage is not only easy, but it’s far less expensive than you might imagine. Measured by the square foot, if your space allocated is 20×20 or smaller, no problem. Buying in 12” squares allows you to determine the size of your stage and adhere to your budget at the same time.

Are you having concerns that the parquet dance floor at your cousin’s wedding last month won’t compliment your Choupah or the bright pastel theme you’ve chosen? From stark white to ecru to antique grey to black and beyond, most rental companies offer a variety of colours, including parquet, to choose from.

Often included in the price to hire a stage is the cost to assemble and dissemble after you’ve kicked up your heels one last time as husband and wife.

How do you know a rental company is reputable? When you’ve located a floor that you’d like to hire for your wedding, one easy way to determine the legitimacy of a company is to browse their site and see if they have photos of actual weddings they’ve supplied stages for. Indeed another way to calm any concerns you might have is to see if they offer testimonials. Brides, like other shoppers, if they’re satisfied with a company’s product or service, are happy to share their experience with anyone who is considering the company for a future purchase or hire.

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