Sound System, Wick St. Lawrence Harvest Home

Igoe PA hire provides a complete sound & lighting solution for live music entertainment at the annual Wick St. Lawrence Harvest Home. 

The Harvest home is a get together of local people involved in the agriculture industry. They hold a yearly event with a posh lunch served in a huge marquee followed by an evening of live music. This year featured two excellent covers bands, Abba Gold and Re-Offender.


This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 11/08/07

We were required to provide a complete sound and lighting service. We knew the rig needed to have plenty of grunt as the event is attended by around 500 people.

It was a challenging set up as the day time speeches over ran – we only had about two and a half hours set up time !!

 PA System

We used eight blue full range 12″ cabs to ensure plenty of mid & top detail; two of our new HZ double 15″ 2k sub woofers & a pair of 18″ cabs for sub 100 hz power. This lot where powered by 4 x CS4000 amps giving a total of 11 kW.

For monitors we supplied 4 x 350 watt stage wedges powered by 2 x PV 2600 amps.

In our control booth we had the Allen & Heath GL2400 and a comprehesive outboard rack. We also provided all mics, D.I. boxes, stands, cables & accessories.

Mixing Desk

For lighting we errected two bars of six par cans with dimmers on T-bar powerdrive stands. We controlled all the lights from our DMX lighting desk.

The gig was a great success all the bands were fantastic, Abba gold ! indistinguishable from the real thing the best Abba covers band we have seen.

Abba Gold

Re-offender rocked it as headliners with some very well done covers of British & American pop rock, Killers, Kaisers, Arctic’s etc. Apparently the band are great song writers themselves but we didn’t get to hear any of their own work.


We would recomend either of these bands for weddings, functions, parties etc.  

The crowd went totally wild, a little too wild at times with some spontaneous wrestling moves and people generally flying about !

The sound was great – We did a good job so hopefully they’ll have us back next year.

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