Sound System, Lights & DJ Equipment

Igoe PA hire provides Pioneer decks, lights & PA system for a spectacular “Big Gay Wedding” in the explore function room at @ Bristol.

Diary 16/06/07

The client wanted a decent sound system with DJ equipment and lighting for their wedding in the much underused explore building function facility at @ bristol. We where asked to supply a disco lighting rig with lots of pink gels.

Sound & Lighting Hire

On the truss we hung 4 led par cans set to gradually change colour and 6 x 300 watt par cans with pink gels. This looked fab and certainly added the required “gay” ambience. We used two double 15″ full range cabs running off a CS4000 amp to give 2.7 k of power. We supplied a pair of technics and 2 x CDJ 100’s – In addition we rigged up a 550 watt DJ monitor to ensure everyone was happy.

It looked great and a good time was had by all – we even managed to sneak some wedding cake !

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