Sound System Hire, Bath


Igoe PA hire provides a 6.7 kW rig with lights & DJ equipment for a huge party near bath.

This was a big old do to celebrate a 21st and a 18th birthday. These guys had one amazing house with it’s own tennis courts which became the ground for the huge marquee.

They had a stage at one end with a bizarre backdrop (see pic).

Sound System Bristol

Firstly they had a live act for which they supplied their own desk. We lent them some mics and d.i’s. Mainly they wanted to play full power psytrance into the early hours and for this we knew they would need a big rig.

The sound system comprised two double 15? HZ subs , two double 15? Fane full range cabs driven with two Peavey CS4000 Amps. This totaled 6.7 kW of power!

The lighting rig was two future light DMX scanners, a Martin Atomic 3000 strobe, & two NJD Datamoons.

DJ equipment was in the form of two CDJ1000 MKIII decks, a pair of Technics MK5G & a pioneer DJM600 mixer.

When we picked up the kit the aftermath was a sight to behold – this was obviously a great party !

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