Sound & lighting Hire Bristol


Igoe PA hire provides PA system, live sound equipment and lights for a wedding party at the St. Werburghs comunity centre, Bristol.

We delivered & set up the sound system and rigged up the lights on behalf of the client during the afternoon. The singer had her own sound engineer but he was a little unsure about the equipment so we gave him some quick training.

The front of house sound system comprised 2 x 1200 watt double 15? full range cabs powered by a CS4000 power amp.

Sound Equipment Hire Bristol

For stage monitoring we supplied 1 x 350 watt wedge powered by a PV2600.    

We also hired shure mics & stands an 8 channel spirit desk, CD player and outboard EQ rack. The singer had a radio mic meadset and was worried about feedback so we made sure to properly ring check the room before we left.

For lighting we supplied one T-bar stands with four long nose par 64 cans and colour gels. We also set up 2 chaos moons on the floor to add some effects.

It’s always nice to get possitive feedback – the client had this to say after the event:

“A big thank you for sorting out the sound on Saturday at St Werburghs. Our singer said you were one of the best sound people she had worked with. I’ll certainly make sure people use you for parties in the future!”

We aim to please

Thanks Stuart :o)

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