Sound & Lighting Hire, Bristol Grammar School

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides a PA system and disco lighting for a huge Indian wedding held at, Bristol Grammar School.

Diary 29/04/07

We rigged up the PA system on the Sunday afternoon in the main hall at Bristol Grammar School – wow! What a spectacular room.

The client wanted full-on bass at this event. We used 2 x 18″ subs with Colossus 18xb drivers and drove these with there own CS4000 which chucks out 800 watts per side at 8 ohms !- on top we used 2 full range cabs each with colossus 15’s and used another CS4000 for these. The system had plenty of headroom as the main drivers are rated at 600 watts. 3.2 k in total certainly delivered the desired “grunt” as well as fantastic detail in sound quality.

For lighting we used 4 LED par cans and set them to gradually go through the colour spectrum – this creates an ever changing atmosphere keeping the vibe fresh. As well as this we added disco lights: 2 VRX scanners and an NJD Datamoon.

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