Sound & Light, Vaudeville Cabaret, Halo, Bristol

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides sound hire and lighting hire for the Vaudeville Cabaret, consolation party at Halo Bristol.After an incredible first event held in the Explore building event facility at @bristol back in March, the 2nd Vaudeville Cabaret had to be cancelled due to disappointing ticket sales. Those who had brought tickets for the May 5th event were motivated to organise a consolation do which was held at Halo on

Gloucester rd.This was a great success with live music from “the rinky dinks” an experimental ukulele, lounge / country band, a burlesque dancer and a late night disco.

Diary 05/05/07This event was engineered by Ben.I set up the sound system in the back room of Halo with a 1.6 k rig and a 3 meter lighting truss. I used an 8 channel desk with the dbx drive rack outboard EQ and processing. Monitoring was via galaxy hot spots.

The band consisted of 3 ukulele players, a bass guitarist and a simple snare / hi-hat drum set up. I mic’d up all the individual ukulele amps with sm57’s and D.I.’d the bass. For the drums I found one studio condenser on a stand was enough. There where 3 vocalists who were each furnished with Beta 58a’s.For lights I hung 6 par cans off the truss with various colour gels and used a couple of NJD Chaos auto moons for the dance floor. The par cans where also used for a blue spot on the burlesque dancer.The rinky dinks were great fun – they covered tunes such as “I predict a riot” by the Kaiser Chiefs which was quite bizarre on 3 ukuleles!The evening was a great success – we should be doing the next event in July which is back at Explore @Bristol (a superb but massively underused facility)

Vaudeville Cabaret

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