Sound & Light : Scouts Centenary Event

Igoe PA hire provides sound & lighting hire at a centenary year jamboree for 600 Scouts & Cubs on a lovely piece of land near Stroud owned by Princess Anne.

PA hire for Scouts

Diary 25/05/07

We set up the sound and lighting rig in the morning running two CS4000 amps into two double 15″ subs & two double 15″ full range cabs. For disco lights we set up a truss and hung 2 VRX gladiators / 2 NJD DMX 250’s and a NJD Datamoon. We also included 4 short nose cans and 4 LED cans. 

The scouts had a seperate tent for the desk and outboard so we used a 15 meter multi-core with a nice little 8 channel spirit desk.

By all accounts they had a great time throughout the weekend with performances from talented youngsters. It was a rather wet weekend but being scouts they were well “prepared” for themselves and all our kit dry.

We look forward to doing more work for the Scouts who are always friendly and very polite.

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