Sound Equipment Hire, Bath

Igoe PA hire provides sound & lighting equipment for a wedding party at Newbridge House in Bath.

This was a dry hire agreement although we did set-up the PA system & rig up the lights on behalf of the client. The band had there own sound engineer.

The front of house sound system comprised 2 x 1200 watt double 15″ full range cabs powered by a CS4000 power amp.

For stage monitoring we supplied 2 x 350 watt wedges and one UL12 as a drum fill, these where powered by 1 x PV2600 for the wedges and a PV1500 for the UL12. In total 1600 watts of monitoring.    

We also hired AKG drum mics, six shure sm57’s and a Beta 58A for voccals. A 16 channel desk, multi-core and outboard processing rack.

For lighting we had two T-bar stands each with four long nose par 64 cans. In addition a 3 meter truss on which we hung 3 x NJD Datamoons, 2 x VRX scanners, 2 short nose cans. We also included a haze machine.

All of the cans where controlled via a 24 channel DMX lighting desk. This would have been an awesome light show especially once the hazer was on the go.

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