PA System, St Georges Day, Bath

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides sound & lighting for the Avon Scouts, Centenary Year, St. George’s Day celebration, Royal Victoria Park, Bath (Sunday April 22nd). 5000 people enjoyed a fun packed day complete with marching bands, ceremonies, guest speakers and variety performances from the Scout county’s gang show teams.

Outdoor Stage

This event was sound engineered by Ben & Dan.

“The day was exceptionally well organised, it was a real pleasure working along side the Scout leaders”.

Diary 22/04/07

We set up the PA system early on Sunday morning running 9 kilowatts of RMS continuous power. We wanted to ensure we had enough “grunt” to cater for the many thousands of people due in attendance. In addition we rigged up several long and short nose par cans as a general lighting wash for performers.

Much of the day’s proceedings involved choirs of children involved in singing, dancing and acting. We achieved microphone coverage of the entire stage with 8 studio condenser (riffle) mics and used Shure Beta 58A’s to pick out soloists / speakers.

For monitoring we used Galaxy Hot Spots. Hot Spots are astonishingly loud (200 watts RMS) and tiny (shoe box size) making them easy to move about the stage, ideally suited to the variety show format we were faced with. The sound system performed extremely well throughout the day with crystal clear highs and punchy, thunderous bass.

5000 People

One local resident asked whether the amplification for the event had to be quite so loud! Apparently the sound system was audible at least half a mile away. I think we certainly woke up Royal Victoria Crescent during the afternoon.

When it comes to outdoor sound reinforcement – better to have too much than too little!

Ben Igoe

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