PA System Hire & Disco Lighting Hire: Ashton Court Mansion

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides a disco sound system with a full disco lighting rig for the wedding of Neil Martin & Jill Bragg at the Ashton court mansion, Bristol

Diary 21/04/07

We rigged up the PA system during the speeches on the stage in the Music room. Using 2 of the double 15 cabs which comprise of Fane colossus and CD150 drivers we supplied 2.7 K of continuous power with a CS 4000 Amp. These bad boys chuck out 1350 watts per side at 4 ohms!

The client wanted to simply plug in an ipod so we provided a small mixing desk and the relevant leads / adaptors.

For disco lights we set up a 3 meter truss and hung 2 VRX Gladiators, 2 NJD DMX 250 and a NJD Datamoon in the middle. It was a beautiful wedding one of the best I have seen up there and they certainly had a knock out disco to party at until the early hours.

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