PA Sound System, All Saints

Igoe PA Hire provides hire of sound equipment, DJ decks and engineering for a promo event at “All Saints” on the Triangle in Clifton, Bristol.

Diary 16/10/07

The client required two pa sytems. One was for DJ’s in the upstairs section, the other for live music downstairs. A particular requirement was to be able to have the music from upstairs playing also downstairs and vice versa.

We supplied 2 x 500 watt cabs upstairs with an amp to match. We also supplied a pair of CDJ1000 mk3 decks.

For downstairs we supplied 2 x 600 watt full range cabs with a cs4000 giving a total sound system power of 1.6 kW. We also provided a soundcraft mixing desk, microphones, d.i. boxes, a small outboard rack with EQ, also, stands cables & connectors.

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