O’Neils : Battle of the Bands

Igoe PA hire provides sound reinforcement & engineering for heat 1 of the Carling “battle of the bands” competition at O’Neils on Baldwin street in Bristol.

The Carling BOTB competition is on again. Each week several local bands compete by performing a 30 mins set of there own material and one cover. After the heats the winners compete in a final and then move on to the next round. This event takes place all over the UK with the overall winners getting the chance to record their album in a professional studio. The Bristol judges are local people with experience in the music industry.

Sound Systems Bristol 

Diary 07/06/07

This event was engineered by Ben.

We used two full range cabs for the front of house sound system running 1600 watts rms altogether. For monitoring we ensured no complaints by using two 500 watt wedges with amps to match.

The bands were all good - the judges definatley made the right decision and “Dead End Dolls” won the heat. We are looking forward to seeing them again in the final.

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