Monitor Engineering, Orchestra Montpelier

Igoe PA hire, Bristol provides engineering and a 3 k monitoring rig for Orchestra Montpelier a 16-piece salsa creole outfit. It was a fun night including a samba dancing school to warm up the crowd and two top support bands.

Orchestra Montpelier - Sound reinforcement

Diary 24/05/07

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

The PA system in Clockwork is awesome. Downstairs there are four Martin double 18″ subs and two FunktionOne Res 1’s. This was a great sound system to work with – we want a Funktion-one rig !

We where brought in as monitor engineers. This one was always going to be chalenging as Orchestra Montpelier are a 16 piece samba troup with bongos, congas, timbale, double bass, keys, 5 voaclaist, 3 horns and a flautist! The dynamics where constantly changing, Alex and I were tweaking the desk throughout the entire set. (Phew!) We are talking about microphone city here.

pa hire - orchestra montpelier

We had 3 k in monitors with four hotspots for vocalists and carefully positioned full range cabs for everyone else. Having EQ on all aux monitor sends is essential in this kind of situation, we had to drop out several frequency bands to fight the feedback which was lurking behind every double bass twang, conga tump & female vocal. These guys like to be able to hear themselves so we did our best to give them all we had.

It seemed as though the band where happy with our work – so another job well done.

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