Martin Taylor Concert, Bath Pavillion


We provided our EAW pa system for a concert by world famous classical guitarist Martin Taylor.

The rig consisted of 4 x AS490 Mid/Top Cabinets [8 Ohms] 360 Watts AES; 4 x AS422e Dual 12″ Bass Cabinets [4 Ohms] 800 Watts AES and 4 x SB850z Dual 18″ Sub Woofer Cabinets [4 Ohms] 2000 Watts AES.

We also supplied microphones, dbx/drawmer outboard, KT / BSS eq and Allen & Heath FOH.

Martin Taylor at the Bath PAvilion

Martin Taylor at the Bath PAvilion

This gig was engineered by Ben & Alex

“The PAwas more thanenough for the Bath Pavilion. Everyone remarked that the sound was fantastic.I only wish wecould have tested itin the venue with a full band. We only had a solo classicalguitar running through 20 kW all night!”

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