Madness of King George, Paintworks

Igoe PA hire provides sound & light with full engineering for a dazling performance by Klezmer band “The Madness Of King George”.

The booking was for a wedding held underneath the Boca bar at the Paintworks, part of the so called ”creative quarter” off the Bath road in Bristol.

Madness of King George

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 26/05/07

This is my favourite band to engineer. These guys bring together superb musicianship and a great sense of humour. The MOKG are a wonder to behold peddling their unique brand of upbeat, cabaret klezmer.

The band were as tight as I have seen them - I could listen to these guys all night. The energy they put in to the performance is spectacular I know they are always exhasted by the end. Good show !!

PA Hire Bristol

We set up a 3.2 k rig with two 18″ subs and four 12″ full range cabs. We wanted to ensure plenty of midrange to make the most of the flute / clarinet / accordian front line and enough grunt to cater for the captivating bass grooves luring people to the dance floor.

All four galaxy hotspots where in attendance for monitoring along with two floor wedges. We also included a bar of 6 par cans with gels and a lighting desk.

The cavernous space within this excellent venue didn’t lend it’s self too well to amplified sound with certain frequencies resonating throughout the building. We manged to pull off a great sound in the end – thanks goodness for ART EQ

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