Live Sound Talent Contest


We were booked to supply pa system hire with engineers and a lighting rig for a talent contest run by a local bank (who will remain unamed) for members of their staff.

We supplied an 8k EAW rig, Midas FOH with DBX Outboard and a lighting rig with 4 x Robe AT250 spots and some scans, strobe and source 4’s.

It has to be said that the equipment was very much watsed on these people! It wasn’t even fun – simply one of the most painfull evenings me or Alex have ever experienced. OMG… and these were supposed to be the talented ones!

Honestly – it could not have been any worse if you had put a bunch of demented howling dogs on stage – in fact it would have been a lot better. We literally had to take turns going outside just to catch our breath from the brain grating torture.

Hopefully we won’t get asked to do this one again!

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