Live sound equipment

Igoe pa hire can undertake installations into venues across the south west – we don’t look to make big profits offthis kind of work preferring to do agood job and just charge for the equipment plus a small fee for our time in the hope that our reputation will benefit.


The Tao bar on Stokes Croft in Bristolcalled us up because anover enthusiastic DJ had blown all the tweeters in their existing pa.When we went in and looked at itwe were a little shocked at the set up.The speakers were underpowered by the amps which themselves lookedverymuchon the budget side. The DJ mixer was also a questionable copy of aDJM 600 -basically it was square wave city so we weren’tat all surprised the tweeters had gone. Thisis a classic side effectof poor quality equipment and especially having amps that aren’t powerful enough. It’s seems counter intuitive but under-powering speakers is more likely tocause damage than over-powering. As well as this, the Tao bar fancies itself as a bit of a live music venue ! the existing speakers are mounted high on the walls pointing across thearea were bands microphones would be located – feedback hell ! And no monitors !

We provided a temporary sound system comprising a pair of 450 watt full range cabs and a pair of 350 watt monitors while we looked into replacing the tweeters and sorting out the venue properly.

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