Live Band PA Sound & Lighting

Igoe pa hire provides pa live sound equipment and lighting for an event at the Bristol Uni vets school in Langford near Bristol.

Diary 02/02/08

For the front of house pa systme we supplied two dual 15″ hz sub woofers and two full range dual 15″ fane colossus top cabinets. Powering these we had two peavey cs4000 amps pushing out 1350 watts per side into the tops and 2000 watts per side into the subs. In total a 6.7 kW rig !

We provided six on stage monitors driven by more cs4000 and pv2600 amps. All our mics are shure beta 58a’s sm 58’s and sm57’s and of course AKG d112 for kick drum  – we gave the lead vocalist a pgx beta 58a radio mic so she could freely strut her stuff ! We patched in the whole band d.i. ing where necessary.

F or lights we put up two pro t-bars (powerdrive) and fixed 4 x 500 watt cans onto each. We also provided a dmx smoke machine and martin atomic strobe behind the drum kit. Lightin was controlled via DMX with one of our zero88 desks.

In the front of house position we has the A&H 24 channel desk with outboard from BSS, ART & Drawmer and effects from TC and lexicon.

It was a great gig – the student band delighted the increasingly leggless audience with a host of favourite covers.  

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