Lighting Hire, Bristol


Igoe PA Hire provides creative lighting to dress a garden party in Upper Milton, Wells.

The client had specific requirements both for us to light the bar area situated in an out house and also to light various attrartive trees and plants within the extensive garden of the property. 

We used 16 x 300 watt short nose par cans scattererd throughout the garden using colour gels that lent themselves well. Some were shone up into vast trees, others situated within various plantation. We also mounted several to light the decking area for visibility.

Garden Party Lighting

In addition we positioned 4 LED par cans in four gorgeous apple trees and set them on a gradual colour change pattern. 

For the bar area we hung 4 long nose cans with gels on a t-bar and focused them appropriately – we also included a UV cannon for good measure.

By all accounts it was a great success - to see the effect you really had to be there, the night photos didn’t do any justice.

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