One of the highlights of the year has to be our production debut at Farmfest. This little (big) gig must be one of the best kept secrets in festivaldom. A two day event with bags of character on a fabulous site in Somerset. Good vibes aplenty were to be had as 5000 people of all ages and from all walks of life began to descend to enjoy the entertainment lovingly hand picked to suit every taste.

FARM Fest Sign

The acts were a mix of up and coming alternative national and international acts like Jus Now, Public Service Broadcasting, Brass Roots and Beans of Toast and then an intelligent pick of Bristol legends like Smerins Anti Social Club and Laid Blak. There were two main live music stages which we produced then a local bands stage and several dance music venues including one run by bristol promoters ‘Shapes’ bringing the deep and funky house vibe. Late night dance music venue “the Den’ was replete with a combine harvester DJ booth! Farm styles.


The site is a working farm but the main stage structure remainsall year round. We were a little surprised on the site visit when the organisers showed us an old 7.5 ton trailer rusting in the middle of a field, Main Stage ? 5000 People ? at the time they struggled to get across to us how this did work well and fitted in with the look and feel of the event (agricultural shabby chic??) but hats off it did work well enough and looked very much at home on the ‘Farm’ …in contrast to our shiny new FOH gazebo which in hindsight would have been far better being substituted for the rusty old tractor that was decaying in the bushes nearby!

Farmfest Smerins


We were going to use L’acoustics Kara for this event flown from two fully extended tele handlers either side of the stage which would have looked and sounded amazing but alas last minute constraints meant that we opted for the trusty old KF850 sound system rig on the main stage which worked out great.

Farm Fest Main Stage

Huw worked at FOH with the Midas M32 and Tim took charge of MONs with an X32 assisted by James and they nailed the live production here with Jake busking lights on his Chamsys wing.

Beaty Heart

We also supplied full live technical production in the 1000 capacity big top second stage tent which was definitely too full during the Beans on Toast set – he had the biggest crowd of the weekend. Here we supplied four stacks of EAW AS490 with Midas control and more kick ASS wedges for monitors. Ben Igoe drove FOH and George Chandler worked MONS here with brilliant new comer to Igoe Bob Leadbetter patching the stage, lighting op was Tom & Jake in the evening when this tent became the main live venue on site.

Farme Fest Tent

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