Sound Reinforcement, The Anomalies

Igoe PA Hire Bristol provides sound reinforcement & sound engineering for a private party featuring “The Anomalies” at Mackies bar, Stokes Croft Bristol. For a group who are doing so well it was a real treat to have them gig at this small venue on Stokes Croft.

MC Goldseal, Lo and DJ Mayhem gave a great performance Mcing over a blend of Hip Hop, Funk & Drum & Bass with a welcome sprinkling of soulful female vocals. Support was from Mouthmaster Murf who worked the lively crowd into a frenzy with his unbelievable beat box skills.

This event was engineered by Dan & Ben

Diary 21/04/07

We set up the PA system in the afternoon running 2150 watts of continuous power. For a small venue this made for a massive thumping sound. 800 Watts of raw sub power and 1350 into the full range cabs recently refurbed with brand new 15-B600 Fane Colossus drivers and Neodymium CD150ís.

The band consisted of a DJ with 2 “rappers” and a female vocalist. We had to be on our toes as they kept swapping mics around but the sound was great and the venue rocked! For monitoring we used the Galaxy Hot Spots, unobtrusive as ever, perfect in a small space. We hope to meet these dudes again they are born entertainers.

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