Igoe Acquires Behringer (Midas) X32 ! Review

Let’s face it! Behringer make budget gear and supplying . stocking Behringer equipment is somewhat frowned upon in professional audio circles, but  recently the company has acquired some big names in the industry, to include Midas, resulting in the launch of a new budget digital desk which promises a lot (at least on paper). Well we’ve put it to the test on a two day live gig to evaluate it’s qualities (or lack of).


The Behringer x32 certainly looks the part with its dedicated areas well displayed in front of you at the top of the channel strips. You get a pre-amp section, gate and compression, equalizer and pan. Each section is controlled by rotary faders and buttons with a very useful “view” button that  lets you bring that section up on the screen. That in itself is a massive improvement compared to more expensive offerings from reputable names in the industry which will have you scroll through endless screens before getting to the one you want.


The screen is nice and big and was visible even in the sun! By the side of the screen there are buttons that give you more control and access to functions like config, set up, routing, effects etc. Bare in mind that being the first time we ‘ve ever used it, the Behringer x32 proved to be very intuitive and relatively easy and fun to use. It nearly felt like using your DAW of choice but with a physical outlet which lets you control all the parameters with knobs and faders. Although we haven’t tried all the effects on board, the reverbs we have used were very nice indeed. Gates and compressors seemed to be very transparent and responsive with the capability to go “hard” if you really wanted to.

Behringer / Midas x32

All in, the Behringer x32 seemed to be a breeze to work with and coming in at just under two grand! with Midas circuitry and pre-amps… could it be that Behringer has finally redeemed itself? Of one thing you can be sure, it certainly gives the big boys a run for their money! But… does it sound any good?  Well, working in conjunction with a lovely EAW sound system I can’t say I’ve heard that digital cleanliness associated with digital consoles. I managed to get a nice, warm and clear mix with a good amount of punch where needed! I even run it quite hot at times and it handled the extra dbs more than well. After all, the guys at Behringer actually recommend doing so as they reckon that with the MIdas pre-amps it sounds even better when in the red! If you’re not a novice to the digital world than chances are you’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable mixing on a Behringer x32 can be.

Alex Noferi FOH Sound Engineer – Grillstock Festival 2013, Igoe PA Ltd

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