How to Produce an Outdoor Concert

There are many components that go into organizing an outdoor concert. To make the most of your event, you’ll not want to miss a single step.

If you think you can plan a concert in August and June is nearly over, you may be quite challenged to pull it off. Summer is “prime time” for venues, be they outdoor or indoor. They book months in advance. In some cases, as a company is closing last year’s event, they’re already putting a deposit down for the following year.

Assuming you have been successful at booking the park or arena you desire, now the real work begins.

You’ll need a plenty of money to have a successful concert. If you lack the funds necessary, you can always raise it by soliciting local businesses or offer to barter services. It’s better to have raised too much rather than falling short just before your event.

Local bands want nothing more than to be featured in your concert. You’ll have no shortage of talented musicians to choose from. The difficult part will be weeding them out. Many will be happy to do this for free, knowing that they’re gaining exposure and others may require a nominal fee, perhaps expenses getting to and from.

If your concert is during the day, you can forgo the lighting, however sound will be important regardless what time your band starts playing. Both lighting and sound systems can be hired by a local company, or if you’ve been considering doing this for a while, you may already own one. If you “go cheap” in other areas, be sure not to skimp on your sound. Audiences are very forgiving if the lead singer’s face was pink the entire concert, but if he or she can’t be heard or there’s a lot of reverberation, you’ll be run out town quickly!

Check with your local government office which permits are required to put on your event. They may also be able to advise you whether insurance is appropriate or if the city covers it.

You needn’t go to the fuss of booking professional vendors unless you desire to do so. Instead, ensure that at the very least, you’re providing water and refreshments. If the concert is booked for 6 hours or more, if you haven’t got food available, people will meander in and out as their stomachs direct them to do so.

It’s never a bad idea to hire security for an outdoor event. Even if all you’ve done is ask your cousin, uncle, next door neighbour and the local bouncer at your favourite nightclub, it’s something.

As the saying goes, “build it and they will come!” If you promote your concert, people will show up. Placing adverts in your local paper, posting flyers and word of mouth are all excellent ways to get the word out.

Last but surely not least is:

Enjoy yourself!

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