Glastonbury London Underground – Spirafix Anchor Deployment

We took a trip to the South East corner of Glastonbury Festival to interview the inventor of Spirafix anchors. We are a distributor of Spirafix Anchors into the events industry and this year they are being used across the sites at Glastonbury and Boomtown to ballast the spectacular and lavish sets that are created for the late night dance arenas.

Igoe Spirafix

The London Underground! One of the most jaw droopingly impressive set pieces on site. These structures have massive wind loadings and need to be pinned to the ground just like outdoor stages. Several structures in bloc 9 and Shangrila were underpinned using Sprirafix anchors as an alternative to cumbersome IBC Ballast Tanks.

Spirafix Anchor

Anchors close up. Solid steel fluted ground spike.

Spirafix reduce the need for additional scaffolding formerly required to hold IBC ballast tanks. Time saving, and versatile. Amazingly you can sledge them through anything (including tarmac!), they can provide up to 2 tons of ballast of a single anchor and then they just twist out! Has to be seen to be believed. 

Block 9 – what a transformation takes place! This structure normally has 16! ballast tanks with 16,000 litres of water! Not a good look for a Festival that supports water aid. This year they used re-useable anchors instead


We had a unique view of the site a month before the festival just as the build was getting started. This place is like my second home and really has a palpable vibe to it …even with no one there !? must be the lay lines! 


Or possibly the power lines!

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