Festival Style Weddings

Festival Style Weddings are the kind of gigs we absolutely love and really want to be doing do more of!! (are you listening out there Universe!?) 🙂



We are geared up to produce everything for a small to medium size festival and I’m proud to say that Igoe Stage, sound, light and crew are now responsible for many of the most prestigious Bristol events.


But being able to provide this service for an intimate crowd of maybe only 200 people and to help a newly wed couple celebrate there new lives together in style always feels really really special… As a wedding concept, it creates the ultimate WOW!.


I guess we are used to it now, but the scrutiny we are normally under, to conform to all sorts of regulations, the pressure to get everything exactly right on the day and to always be running shows to a schedule with zero margin for error can be quite stressful at times… to say the least! So it’s refreshing with a festival style wedding not to be under the kind of pressure we normally are.. and to actually be appreciated for once! 🙂 for all these reasons we are very willing to do these kind of gigs at a lower relative cost than with a high profile event.


Last year we were contracted by a very lovely couple who were on a mission to create the wedding of their dreams! They found a venue, a field! and set out to create a mini one day festival complete with main stage and no less than 8! cracking live acts!

Lotus Belle Tents


Guests arrived to a champagne reception on the Friday evening and were shown around their luxury accommodation in the form of lavishly furnished Bell Tents. Our Lotus Belle tents can sleep 6 people comfortably and are super cute, cosy and completely different from anything you have ever seen before. This is next level ‘Glamping’ and really no more expensive all said than what you would pay for an up market hotel room.

Lotus Belle InteriorsLotus Belle Interiors 1Lotus Belle Interior

On saturday the ceremony was conducted in an attractive marquee – (our Stretch Tents complement a village of Lotus Belles perfectly). We supplied full technical support throughout the ceremony with strategically located radio mics with sound pumped through an unobtrusive PA system to ensure that every single guest could clearly hear every word and vow spoken so that everyone could enjoy the moment equally.


You can never really trust the british weather and the bride and groom were keen to come up with a solution to safeguard there event form potential downpours. So we opted to locate the party inside a marquee. This was supplied with transparent ceilings and walls to create the feeling of being outside, inside! and this worked well.The main feature of the whole event was kept a closely guarded secret. Inside the marquee we erected a false back wall which kept the stage set hidden from view


until the big reveal!


The sound and lighting production here was on a par with what you would expect from a medium size venue at a main stream music festival, no expense spared, and we certainly ensured maximum value for money here because you know what … we love it!… and don’t do thing by halfs!


The event was a fabulous success… and as is often the case with these kind of weddings, the bride and groom want to become festival organisers afterwards! You go on such a steep learning curve about how to organise something like this that you really feel you should use the skills and knowledge you have gained and put them to good use. I can think of quite a few festivals have started this way!

Getting married in a field with your family and friends in tents actually costs less money than your bog standard hotel style affair… but it’s so much more original, more fun and ultimately more memorable which is surely exactly what you want!

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