Fashion Show : SAKS Hair & Beauty


We were approached by SAKS hair & beauty based in the David Lloyd leisure centre in Long Ashton.

They wanted to put on a Fashion Show to showcase their hairdressing prowess. In addition they wanted a live band.

The ceiling was only about 7 ft highso we built the lowest catwalk in history.

We made sure to provide plenty of lighting to ensure the models hair sparkled and the clothes looked their best. 16 x 500 watt par cans on dimmers hooked up to abasic dmx lighting desk.

We bought in the Pete Trill band as they are a great audience pleaser and very easy to work with. Wesupplied a live sound rig with 2 x 18″ bins, 2 x 12″ tops and 3 x floor wedges all powered by Crown. We used an A&H desk with a rack of BSSeq and DBX outboard. It sounded great.

It was a great night butnobody paid any attention to the band which was a travestyas theydisplaysome of thebest musicianshipin the UK.

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