Event Sound & Lighting Hire

Igoe PA hire provides sound system and lights for a Ghurka New Year festival at Buckley Barracks in Wiltshire.

Diary 09/11/07

We where required to provide sound equipment for a New Years celebration variety show performed by various members of the Ghurka regiment. Each performence was between 5 and 15 minuted long. Dances, live bands and singers with backing CD’s. Sometimes radio mics were required, sometimes D.I. s all with different lighting requirements.

For front of house we supplied a kick ass 6.7 kW rig comprising a pair of 2000 watt rms dual 15″ HZ subs with a pair of 1200 watt custom full range towers stacked on top. These where driven by a pair of CS4000 amps. 

Monitoring was achieved with two 350 watt wedges powered by a PV2600 amp.

At the front of house mixing position we had our trusty Allen & Heath GL2400 a rack of DBX / BSS outboard, a Pioneer CDJ 1000 for playing CD’s and our DMX lighting desk.

For lighting we supplied 16 short nose cans which lit the path outside and into the venue. Also on either side of the hall cans with blue / yellow gels pointing up at the walls for atmosphere. We also provided a length of trussing on which we hung a selection of disco effects, NJD datamoons & VRX scanners and two powerdrive stands with long nose cans hooked up to dimmers. On stage we had our DMX smoke machine.

Most of the performances where not in English so we didn’t understand what any of it meant but these guys can certainly sing and dance.

At the end we rolled out the disco lights and cranked up the PA for a 3 hour long disco extravaganza with vaguely familiar Nepaleese covers of UK dance music.

The Ghurkas are a top bunch, we were given plenty of delicious food. Some of them where scarily drunk by the end but they gave us lots of help loading in and out army style !    

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