Club Sound & Lighting Hire

Igoe Pa hire provides a full power dance music rig with club lighting for a techno night at Destiny in Weston-Super-Mare.

Diary : 22/06/07

We provided a 4.7 K PA system comprising of 2 x 18″ subs & 2 x double 15″ full range cabs. These where powered by two PV1500 amps running in bridge mode for the subs and a CS4000 for the full range cabs.

Club Sound & Lighting Hire

For lights we put up a truss and hung 3 x NJD datamoons, 2 NJD DMX250’s and a VRX barrell scanner. We also included a haze machine to make sure the lights looked their best.

The turn out wasn’t what it could have been largely due to the date clash with Glastonbury but the few punters that did show certainly got their moneys worth !

Looking forward to more work with Dreams 2 Reality coming up soon.


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