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Disco Lights Long Term Hire

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


We supplied a pair of NJD Datamoons and a pair of Chauvet Inginias.

This was a 2 week hire for a wedding in Dorset.

The Datamoons are a moonflower effect. Each light produces 20 seperate beams in different colours and gobos. Great for wide coverage of dancefloor areas.

The Chauvet Insignia is a barrel scanner which throws out several bright beams which spin, changing colour and gobo in time to the music.

Birthday Party Sound and Lights

Thursday, August 14th, 2008


We provided a sound system with lights for a birthday party at the Hallen village hall.

Equipment supplied included a pair of Abstract Twisters on a T-Bar and a compact 600 watt sound rig with a soundcraft desk for the client to plug in their i-Pod.

Sound Hire Bristol

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008


Igoe PA provides sound, lighting and DJ equipment for a party at the pump house in Bristol.

The client insisted on the best sound system his money could buy so we supplied 8 kW of our EAW sound system comprising 2 x AS490 mid/top cabs, 2 x AS422e dual 12″ bass cabs & 2 x SB850 dual 18″ subs. The rig is powered by Lab Gruppen & Crown amps. The spectacular quality and mind blowing power of this rig make it one of Bristols best toruing rigs – and that’s only quarter of it.

For lighting we supplied a T-bar with 2 x VRX gladiators, 2 x VR-8 scanners a smoke machine and strobe.

For DJ equipment we supplied 2 x Technics 1210 MK5 g decks, 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3 decks and a pioneer DJM 600 mixer.