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Sound System Hire, Brsitol

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


Igoe PA hire provides a 1.6 kW PA system with disco lighting for a wedding at the Ship Inn near Thornbury.

For sound equipment we supplied two full range cabs fitted with fane colossus drivers powered by a peavey CS4000 amp giving 1.6 kW total RMS power.

For lighting we supplied a “goal post” trussing system onto which we hung 2 NJD datamoons, 2 VRX gladiators and a 1500 watt strobe light.

Wedding Sound System & Lighting Hire

Monday, September 24th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides a 2.7 kW sound system with disco lights at the glorious Hartham park manor estate near Corsham.

Igoe PA Hire

We delivered and set up two double 15″ full range cabs powered by a cs4000 amp. For lights we supplied four par56 floor cans with red & blue gels; a powerdrive T-bar stand and two NJD datamoons.

St Mark’s Road Street Party, Sound System

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides a 6.7 kW PA for the Easton festival.

Diary 17/08/07

FACT: Easton, Bristol is the street party capital of Europe !! with more annual parties than any other area. Did you know that every residential road in the UK has a £250 budget set aside for a yearly street party?


St, Mark’s Rd is in the heart of Easton and hosts the areas main street party attended by people from all over Bristol.

In 2007 the “powers that be” at the ever visionary “Bristol City Council” saw fit to pull the budget previously set aside for this well loved Easton festival; all part of the growing trend towards axing local community events in our city. Look what happened to Ashton Court ?!

The only way to keep these events alive is if people pull together and force the issue that these celebrations of our art, music, trade and culture are very important and that everybody wants them to go on ! Funny how in our so called “democracy” we to have to fight local government to give us what we want.

PA system

In spite of zero support from the council, BEST (Bristol East Side Traders) managed to scrape together a meagre budget and worked hard to get the event on. Ironically almost all of this money had to go on toilets, signage and other particulars in order to meet criteria laid down by “the government” to ensure the event would be allowed to go ahead!

Because Igoe PA Hire has it’s roots in Easton we felt compelled to help out at minimal cost and make sure that the event had the level of quality in public address that it deserves.

Mixing Desk

We supplied two of our HZ 2K subs and two full range towers stacked on top powered by 2 x cs4000 amps putting out a total of 6.7 k!. This was an imposing rig and sounded especially phat as the accoustics on St Marks Rd are pretty good.

In addition we supplied mics etc, a monitoring rig and mixed the system via an Allen & Heath desk.

Right on cue it began raining heavily as soon as we had set up so the entire days proceedings were a write off! – at least we tried.

This year will definitely go down in history as the single worst summer on record – in fact it hardly merits the word summer at all.

Indian Dancers

We put a smaller PA in a tent further up the street and spent the rest of the day playing music for Indian dancers.

Next year “when it is sunny!” the street party of street parties will surely ride again.

Disco Lighting Hire

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Igoe PA Hire provides dry hire of lights for a wedding party in Bristol

Lighting Hire, Bradford on Avon

Monday, September 17th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides disco lighting for a beautiful wedding in Bradford upon Avon.

Wedding Disco Lights

We delivered and set up a 3 meter truss on which we hung 2 NJD Datamoons, 2 DMX250 Scanners, 4 LED parcans & a Hazer.

Club Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire

Saturday, September 15th, 2007


Igoe PA hire provides a 10 K turbo sound rig and Abstract / NJD disco lights for “Delerium” at the Trinity (church) nightclub in Old Market, Bristol.

We delivered and set up the PA system which served as back up for the Opus rig currently installed in the Trinity. Our stacks were positioned half way down the venue so that the sound was coming at you from all 4 sides. This was a seriously powerful set up, Trinity isn’t that big so the punters on the dance floor certainly got there moneys worth !

We also supplied 2 VRX scanners, 2 future light scanners and 4 NJD Datamoons to add to the copious strobes, UV cannons, and other club lighting already in place. So the light show must have been pretty good too.

Sound Equipment Hire, Bristol

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides sound equipment hire for a party at The Plough in Easton, Bristol. The client required a 1 K rig sound system which was delivered & set up at the venue.

Sound System, Wick St. Lawrence Harvest Home

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides a complete sound & lighting solution for live music entertainment at the annual Wick St. Lawrence Harvest Home. 

The Harvest home is a get together of local people involved in the agriculture industry. They hold a yearly event with a posh lunch served in a huge marquee followed by an evening of live music. This year featured two excellent covers bands, Abba Gold and Re-Offender.


This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 11/08/07

We were required to provide a complete sound and lighting service. We knew the rig needed to have plenty of grunt as the event is attended by around 500 people.

It was a challenging set up as the day time speeches over ran – we only had about two and a half hours set up time !!

 PA System

We used eight blue full range 12″ cabs to ensure plenty of mid & top detail; two of our new HZ double 15″ 2k sub woofers & a pair of 18″ cabs for sub 100 hz power. This lot where powered by 4 x CS4000 amps giving a total of 11 kW.

For monitors we supplied 4 x 350 watt stage wedges powered by 2 x PV 2600 amps.

In our control booth we had the Allen & Heath GL2400 and a comprehesive outboard rack. We also provided all mics, D.I. boxes, stands, cables & accessories.

Mixing Desk

For lighting we errected two bars of six par cans with dimmers on T-bar powerdrive stands. We controlled all the lights from our DMX lighting desk.

The gig was a great success all the bands were fantastic, Abba gold ! indistinguishable from the real thing the best Abba covers band we have seen.

Abba Gold

Re-offender rocked it as headliners with some very well done covers of British & American pop rock, Killers, Kaisers, Arctic’s etc. Apparently the band are great song writers themselves but we didn’t get to hear any of their own work.


We would recomend either of these bands for weddings, functions, parties etc.  

The crowd went totally wild, a little too wild at times with some spontaneous wrestling moves and people generally flying about !

The sound was great – We did a good job so hopefully they’ll have us back next year.

Sound System Hire, Bristol

Friday, September 7th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides a pair of powered monitors & a CDJ100 deck for “Fruity Antics” at the Thekla nightclub in Bristol.

Sound Equipment Dry Hire

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire supplies a 600 watt sound system for a wedding party in Chepstow. The client picked up the equipment from our base in Easton, Bristol.