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PA & Sound Equipment Hire, Weston-Super-Mare

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Igoe PA hire provides sound system and gig sound equipment for new band Ashton. The Venue was scally’s in Weston.

This gig was set up by engineers Alex & Nick

We delivered and set up a 2.7 K sound rig comprising of:

2 x double 15″ full range cabs powered by a cs4000 amplifier.

3 x 350 Watt Monitor Wedges powered by 2 x PV2600 Amps.

Soundcraft 8 channel desk and multi-core.

D.I. Boxes, Shure Vocal Mics, Stands, Leads and Accessories. 

This was a dry hire arrangement – the band had their own engineer. We collected the next day.

DJ Equipment Hire

Monday, July 30th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides a 1.6 Kw sound system, Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 cd decks & technics MK5 turntables. In addition Igoe PA hire supplied a Pioneer DJM600 mixer with all leads and accessories.

The venue was the King William in Turley. The sound equipment was delivered, set-up & collected the following day.

Party Sound System Bristol

Friday, July 27th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides a small pa system (1.1 K) & sound equipment as well as 2 moonflower disco lights on a T-bar stand for a party in Westbury-on-trym, Bristol.

Sound Equipment Hire, Bath

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Igoe Pa Hire provides a small sound system (1.1 k pa rig) for a party at a house in Saltford near Bath.

Sound System Hire, Bristol

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides sound system & DJ equipment hire including a set of Pioneer CDJ 100 Decks & 2 Technics 1210’s for a party in Norton St. Philip.

We supplied 2 full range 500 watt PA speakers with a peavey 2600 amplifier delivering 550 watts per side.  Altogether a very nice 1.1 k PA rig.

In addition Igoe PA hire provided sound equipment including an 8 channel  spirit desk, shure sm58 mics, stands & leads.   

The PA system was delivered, set-up by engineers Alex & Nick and collected the folowing day.

Sound Equipment Hire

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007


Igoe PA Hire provides PA equipment hire & disco lighting hire for a birthday party in Corsham.

We supplied a 1.6 k fane/peavey sound system with 2 Datamoons & a VRX barrel scanner on a powerdrive T-Bar Stand.

Bristol Lighting Hire

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007


South west sound & lighting hire company Igoe PA hire supplies a lighting truss with NJD Data moons & NJD scanner disco lights for a wedding reception held at the Bristol City Football ground premier suite.

Sound Equipment Hire, Bristol

Saturday, July 21st, 2007


Bristol sound equipment hire company Igoe PA Hire provides disco lights and a PA system for a 16th birthday party in Almondsbury.

We supplied a 1.6 k Fane / Peavey sound system. For party lights we provided 2 chaos auto moons with a VRX barrel scanner on a power drive T bar stand.

The sound & lighting equipment was delivered, set-up & collected from the Almondsbury Hall, Almondsbury near Bristol.

Sound Engineering Bristol

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides sound equipment wet hire & engineering services for the final of the Carling “battle of the bands” competition at O’Neils on Baldwin street in Bristol.

Each week several local bands compete by performing a 30 mins set of there own material and one cover. After the heats the winners compete in a final and then move on to the next round. This event takes place all over the UK with the overall champions winning a selction of quality back line equipment and the chance to record their album in a professional studio. The Bristol judges are local people with experience in the music industry.

sound equipment hire

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 05/07/07

For the front of house sound equipment we used two full range cabs running at 1600 watts rms altogether. For stage monitoring we used two 350 watt wedges with amps to match. Seeing as it was the final we used the Allen & Heath desk and an effects rack. We also supplied stage lighst and a couple of moon flowers to make it a bit special.

The bands in the final where Dead End Dolls, Steven Light & the Black Sand Band, Sixty & the Hide. They were all good – the judges decided that manic Cardiff band “Sixty” where the winners so they go forward now to the regional finals in Cardiff where they are sure to have lots of support.

Event Stage, Sound & Lighting Hire

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Igoe PA hire travels to Porthleven in (sunny ?) Cornwall to provide staging, sound & lighting for live bands and dance music at “The Masked Ball”.

This was a 500 ticket event put on by Cornish club promoters Love Riot together with Surfers against Sewage.

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 30/06/07

Masked Ball Site

The site was staggeringly beautiful however access was a nightmare. We had to carry all the kit about 50 meters down a slippery muddy slope on the edge of a cliff!! And… oh boy did we have a lot of kit for this one.

We drove down on Friday evening and set up the PA system early on Saturday morning running 4 x 18” subs 2 x double 15” subs and 6 xs full range 12” cabs with brand new Fane colossus 12mb drivers and CD150 tweeters. Total front of house power was a gut wrenching 10.8 K RMS continuous. We wanted to ensure we had enough “grunt” to cater for the 500 + people due in attendance.


We provided 8 x 8’ x 4’ stage sections on 3’ legs which we arranged in one corner of the marquee. This was an imposing stage, everyone could see the bands from anywhere in the tent.

For lighting we really went to town. We rigged up 8 short nose par cans with gels for the stage area, all on DMX dimmers. We put up 2 other stands with UV cannons, VRX scanners, future light scanners and our new Martin Atomic 3000 strobe. All the lights were linked via DMX to our lighting desk in the control booth.

We also set up a separate disco lighting truss with 3 NJD Data moons and 2 NJD DMX250. To finish we installed a high power haze machine which always makes lights look amazing.

PA hire for bands

These guys only mix on top notch kit so we where required to supply our pioneer CDJ1000’s and Technics 1210 MK5g decks with the pioneer DJM600 mixer.

We used only the best mics, quality studio condensers and Shure Beta 58A’s / SM57.

For monitoring we used 4 chunky 15” full range wedges which kick out 600 watts rms each.

The Allen & Heath GL2400 was in it’s element with DBX crossover, gate & compression and Lexicon reverb/delay.

We were extremely impressed with the quality of the bands booked for this event, most notably “Glass Shark” & “O.B.E.” – These dudes are definitely destined for big things if they keep on playing their cards right.

The sound system performed extremely well throughout the night with superb detail and the phattest sub bass you could ever wish for.

Party Sound System

The weather didn’t really do much to help with non stop rain, wind and fog leading up to the event although thankfully there was some respite while the party was in full swing.

Apart from the endless problems with generators (not our responsibility) the night went well and everyone was “‘avin it large” as they say.

I thought me and Alex might actually have a breakdown during breaking down of the kit. Getting back up that slope with 4 tons of equipment after 800 people had been churning up the mud all night was somewhat challenging – but we live to tell the tale.

Well done to Love Riot and crew – it’s incredibly hard to put on an event like this. The mammoth task of finding a suitable site, complying with license regulations and dealing with the police, getting all the right people involved, hiring in gear, cleaning up afterwards… not to mention selling enough tickets so that you don’t end up bankrupt is no mean feat !!!

Nice one guys – the masked ball could eaily grow into a successful young festival.

Next time will be even better.!