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Sound Equipment Hire in Bristol

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Igoe pa hire provides a small pa system for a quiz night at the Slug & Lettuce in Bristol.

Lighting Hire in Bath

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Igoe pa hire Bristol provides a lighting rig for an event in Bath.

Diary 27/05/07

We set up two powerglide stands with bars of 6 par cans on each. These were hooked up to a DMX lighting desk. In addition we errected a 3 meter truss on which we hung several disco lights. The client “dry hired” the kit. We gave a short tutorial on how to use the desk and left them to it.

Sound Equipment Hire Bristol,

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides PA hire for a wedding at the webbington hotel in Loxton south of Bristol.

Diary 27/06/07 

We used a 600 watt PA system for speeches in the dining area and a 1.6 k sound system to be used for background music in the smoking room.

Madness of King George, Paintworks

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides sound & light with full engineering for a dazling performance by Klezmer band “The Madness Of King George”.

The booking was for a wedding held underneath the Boca bar at the Paintworks, part of the so called “creative quarter” off the Bath road in Bristol.

Madness of King George

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

Diary 26/05/07

This is my favourite band to engineer. These guys bring together superb musicianship and a great sense of humour. The MOKG are a wonder to behold peddling their unique brand of upbeat, cabaret klezmer.

The band were as tight as I have seen them – I could listen to these guys all night. The energy they put in to the performance is spectacular I know they are always exhasted by the end. Good show !!

PA Hire Bristol

We set up a 3.2 k rig with two 18″ subs and four 12″ full range cabs. We wanted to ensure plenty of midrange to make the most of the flute / clarinet / accordian front line and enough grunt to cater for the captivating bass grooves luring people to the dance floor.

All four galaxy hotspots where in attendance for monitoring along with two floor wedges. We also included a bar of 6 par cans with gels and a lighting desk.

The cavernous space within this excellent venue didn’t lend it’s self too well to amplified sound with certain frequencies resonating throughout the building. We manged to pull off a great sound in the end – thanks goodness for ART EQ

DJ Equipment Hire, Beaufort Hunt Pub

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides a meaty PA system with pioneer cdj decks and technics 1210’s for a party at the Beaufort Hunt, public house in Chipping Sodbury town centre.

DJ equipment hire 

Diary 26/05/07

We knew these guys wanted to ‘av it large in the back room of the cosy Beaufort Hunt so we hired them a phat sound system with record decks, cd decks and a 4 way mixer. We used a 2.7 k front of house rig 2 x 15″ full range / 2 x 18″ subs with two 300 watt dj monitors.

PA System for Stand up Comedy

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides a vocal PA rig for a food and comedy night at the cross hands pub in Old Sodbury.

Wedding PA Hire, Ashton Court

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides sound & lighting hire for a wedding at Ashton court mansion.

Diary 25/05/07

We set up the PA in the music room. In total we supplied a 2.7 k rig using two 15″ full range cabs and two 18″ subs. We also provided a basic disco lighting rig with two chaos automoons on a powerglide stand. The client only wanted to plug in his laptop. We tested the rig with his antique recordings of Frank Sinatra classics – nice.

Sound & Light : Scouts Centenary Event

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Igoe PA hire provides sound & lighting hire at a centenary year jamboree for 600 Scouts & Cubs on a lovely piece of land near Stroud owned by Princess Anne.

PA hire for Scouts

Diary 25/05/07

We set up the sound and lighting rig in the morning running two CS4000 amps into two double 15″ subs & two double 15″ full range cabs. For disco lights we set up a truss and hung 2 VRX gladiators / 2 NJD DMX 250’s and a NJD Datamoon. We also included 4 short nose cans and 4 LED cans. 

The scouts had a seperate tent for the desk and outboard so we used a 15 meter multi-core with a nice little 8 channel spirit desk.

By all accounts they had a great time throughout the weekend with performances from talented youngsters. It was a rather wet weekend but being scouts they were well “prepared” for themselves and all our kit dry.

We look forward to doing more work for the Scouts who are always friendly and very polite.

Monitor Engineering, Orchestra Montpelier

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Igoe PA hire, Bristol provides engineering and a 3 k monitoring rig for Orchestra Montpelier a 16-piece salsa creole outfit. It was a fun night including a samba dancing school to warm up the crowd and two top support bands.

Orchestra Montpelier - Sound reinforcement

Diary 24/05/07

This event was engineered by Ben & Alex.

The PA system in Clockwork is awesome. Downstairs there are four Martin double 18″ subs and two FunktionOne Res 1’s. This was a great sound system to work with – we want a Funktion-one rig !

We where brought in as monitor engineers. This one was always going to be chalenging as Orchestra Montpelier are a 16 piece samba troup with bongos, congas, timbale, double bass, keys, 5 voaclaist, 3 horns and a flautist! The dynamics where constantly changing, Alex and I were tweaking the desk throughout the entire set. (Phew!) We are talking about microphone city here.

pa hire - orchestra montpelier

We had 3 k in monitors with four hotspots for vocalists and carefully positioned full range cabs for everyone else. Having EQ on all aux monitor sends is essential in this kind of situation, we had to drop out several frequency bands to fight the feedback which was lurking behind every double bass twang, conga tump & female vocal. These guys like to be able to hear themselves so we did our best to give them all we had.

It seemed as though the band where happy with our work – so another job well done.

PA Hire, Wedding Corsham

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Igoe PA hire, Bristol provides sound and disco lights for a wedding at the wonderful Guyers House, Pickwick, Corsham.


Diary 19/05/07

We set up a chunky 1.6 k sound system in the ballroom for this lovely wedding. The client also required 2 CD decks (Pioneer CDJ100’s) and one Technics 1210.

For lights we used two NJD Chaos Automoons on a Powerglide stand. Although minimalist this did fill the relatively small room.